Shared by Diane Gotses Jackson: The John (Ioannis) and Georgia Kodolas Pavleros Family in Baltimore approximately 1915. Left to right: Stella Pavleros Lericos; Husband George Lericos; and their children. Helen Pavleros Dezes; Twin Vasiliki (Celia) Pavleros GOTSES Kowmas, Diane’s YiaYia. Her Great Grand Parents, Georgia Kodolas Pavleros; Great Grand Father John (Ioannis) Pavleros. John’s brother and son on right. Pavleros’ from Godena.
Shared by Antonia Elliott (Iliopoulos) Brookshire: From top left John Peter Elliott, William (Bill) Ellis, bottom left her father, Themistocles James Peter Elliott, and George Peter Eliopoulos (Iliopoulos name changes in America and Canada).
Shared by Diane Gotses Jackson: Pavleros family, Mount Washington in Baltimore, Maryland, circa 1926. Left to right, back Row: Julia Laricos Korcus; Nick Arhos; George Laricos; and William Laricos. Dan (Dionysios) Gotses from Agolinitsa, Epitalio, Greece George Panos Seated Row: Mary Pavleros Arhos; Jimmy Arhos; Johnny Arhos; Helen Pavleros Dezes with Rosie; John Pavleros from Godena; Stella Laricos with Rita Laricos; Celia (Vasiliki) Pavleros Gotses with George Gotses; Stella Panos; Helen Panos; John Laricos; Front Row: Bill Arhos; Louis Dezes; Betty Laricos; Stella Dezes; Helen Arhos; George Dezes; Dino Laricos; Mary Gotses; Pete Laricos and her father, Roy Gotses.
Shared by Paula Antonakos: Her great grandfather, Sarandos Antonios Antonakos with his mother, Stamatiki Giannouli Antonakos (both seated) and her great grandmother, Politimi (born Iliopoulos) Antonakos, standing on the far right. The older boy is Paula’s grandfather, Panagiotis Sarandos Antonakos and the baby is Penelope A. Antonakos.
Shared by Ioannis Makris: Amykleon Soccor Association of 1977 and they were playing with the next town, Potamia. Back left: Georgios Antonakos; Nikos Christakos; Ioannis Makris of Konstantinou; Antonis Zografos; Takis Koniditsiotis; Ioannis Makris of Anastasios; Georgios Tzanetakos; Nikos Roumeliotis; and President Dimitris Petrakos. In the front: Dimitris Kargakos; Christos Economidis; Georgios Kourembis; Christos Pavleros; Vasilis Minakakis; Dimitris Pavleros and Georgios Boretos.
Shared by Paula Antonakos-Boswell: Spartan High School, Women’s graduating class of circa 1953.
Shared by Spuros Pauleros. Picture of George Pavleros.
This picture was shared by Stephanie Kokkinakos Minutella. Kokkinakos Family – Left to right: Her uncle George, Yiayia Eleni, uncle Haralambos, mother, Ecaterini, ather Nikon, Pappou, Ilias Kokkinakkos (also known as Stelios), and seated, her uncle, Taso.
Stephanie Kokkinakos Minutella shared this photo of her parents, Ecaterini and Nikon Kokkinakos, circa 1956. They lived in Canada and then moved to Baltimore, Maryland, USA.
Shared by Peter Dounoukos: Left to Right: Nick Boretos, Dino Antonakos, Margaret Plevritis, Peter Boretos, Olga Pavlounis, his father – Vasilios “Bill” Dounoukos, his mother- Toula Antonakos, Jim Antonakos, and flower girl Toula Diakos. Canada.
Shared by Peter Dounoukos: Left to right:  his father, Vasilios Dounoukos, Louis Laskaris, his grandfather, Panagiotis Dounoukos and unknown gentleman.

Enjoy this beautiful video by Panagiotis Minakakis (Amykles from above – Αμυκλες από ψηλά Αμυκλες Lakonias )