Paula Antonakos-Boswell Interview and Archives

About Paula

Paula was born in Montreal, Canada to immigrant parents, who due to financial difficulties returned to Amykles, Greece when she was three years-old, only to return to Canada many years later. Several generations of both her maternal and paternal ancestors, ALL hail from the Amykles Villages.  She is a first-generation immigrant, dual citizen and visits her beloved homeland and family regularly. In fact, most of Paula’s immediate family still lives in the Amykles villages.

Paula is a prolific diarist, collector and the family archivist starting from childhood and every spare minute is dedicated to her passion for researching and archiving genealogy, family, and Village History, worldwide Orthodox Church history and photos as well as family trees.

Paula is an active member of her Kingston, Ontario Canada, Greek Community and Church, volunteering for over twenty years as a Board of Director, teaching Greek School and Sunday School, as Director of Communications, Facebook Administrator, and the Fundraising Chairperson.  She is also the Greek Community Lead and Administrator of the Kingston Greek History Project whereby she wrote grant proposals, conducted oral interviews, created walking/driving tours of the area, and collected photographs and histories. This collection is now housed at the Queen’s University Archives:


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Archives and Photos

Angleo and Vasiliki Antonakos Olympia

Amyklai Sarandos P. Antonakos

TSS Olympia