Amykles Villages

Amykle-Sklavohori-Mahmoutbei-Godena- Peristeri-Riza-Vafeio (Marbali)-Mandra-Tsaousi-Katsarou-Kalami-Gounari-Kalyvia Socha and surrounding villages.

The Amykles Villages History Project preserves and documents the history of these historically significant villages, as shared by its descendants both in Greece and in the Diaspora.  It is a historical repository of the villages’ ancestors and way of life, shown through multi-media memories, photos, videos, and oral interviews.

Oral Histories and Audio Archives

We are collecting Oral Histories and Archives from ancestors and their descendants. This is by no means meant to present a full picture of the history of the Amykles Villages. We seek to include the perspectives and stories of several narrators. 

Village Stories AND Archives

Village Stories and archives of Amykle, Sklavohori, Mahmoutbei, Godena, Peristeri, Riza, Vafeio, Katsarou, Gounari, Kalyvia Sochas (and surrounding villages).

Amykles Villages Family Trees

Ancestral Surnames, Public Family Trees, Tribal Pages and shared documents. Access the Amykles Villages surname list here. Stories and documents of our ancestors, connecting with one another around the world.

Source: Google Maps 2021

Enjoy this beautiful video by Panagiotis Minakakis (Amykles from above – Αμυκλες από ψηλά Αμυκλες Lakonias )

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Source: Greece Handbook for Travelers by Karl Baedeker 1905

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